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The Cargostar International Transporting and Logistics Ltd. was founded in 1997. Our main profile is the organisation of international and nationwide grouped traffic. During the past more than one decade we have grown out to be a company having expertise in the field of transport.

Our qualified, well-trained colleagues administer the shippings in a precise and reliable way considering the deadline and the prices best ever.
Having extended international relations, we can undertake either the export or the import shipping of any kind of item within a short time.

Both in the inland and international traffic we transport with 3 or rather 24 ton trucks. On request we are able to organise express carriages with 1,5 ton trucks. Besides this we have trucks with palette elevating jacks and lifts at back. We have the admission to drive in all the districts of Budapest.
We take on consolidated freights with 48 hour lead-time /in Budapest 24 hours/, but on request we offer the service of prompt transport.

The strenght of our company is the flexible and client-orinetated administration. In every case we endavour to satisfy the needs of our partners.
We calculate unique prices according to the requested relation. Please send us your call for an offer!