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· Calling for an offer
· Freight order
· General Conditions of the Hungarian Freight Forwarders

· International groupage freight
· Refrigerated groupage freight
· Marine / Air transport
· Inland transport
· Storage/ Refrigerated storage
· Customs services
· Insurance of goods
· Sale of technical and cargo fixing devices

The main profile of our company is the organisation and handling of vehicular grouped traffic both on national and international level. Beyond that we offer fully comprehensive logistic services, let it be storage, transport insurance or marine and air trasport.

Our goal is to provide our clients with customized and flexible solutions with the utilization of our experiences and expertise in the field of transport. We do our business exclusively according to the Hungarian General Transport Conditions /Magyar Általános Szállítmányi Feltételek/.

We grouped our services in the following way:
▪ international grouped traffic
▪ refrigerated transport
▪ air/marine transport
▪ inland transport
▪ storage/cold store
▪ customs duty services
▪ insurance of shipments
▪ sale of technical and cargo fixing devices.

If you are interested in our services, call for an offer on the listed availabilities.